If you want to make money online from home there are unique money making opportunities available through which a few extra hundred dollars per month can be earned. People are finding other sources of income beside their regular jobs for two reasons; inflation and luxury.

Use your smartphone apps
A few apps on your iPhone and Android will actually pay you for simple tasks that you do for example, take the picture of the menu at Starbucks. Gigwalk, Juno Wallet, WeReward and CheckPoints are few apps to mention.

There is an Android app that puts ads on your lock screen and every time you unlock your phone, you earn something. The amount is not really huge but there is nothing that you practically have to do for the few bucks that you make every day or every week.

Teach Online Classes
There are websites like Italki.com where you can set up virtual classrooms for teaching a certain language. You can set up your own price and anyone can take lessons.

Content Creation
You can create content at your home that can be used online. You can make music and then upload it for users and listeners to buy. There will be no middle men to share the profit and your margins will greatly increase. Besides music, some websites also buy the photos that you make. This kind of selling is both fun and business. You can pursue a hobby in photography and at the same time earn from it. iStock, PhotoStock, StockShare are few websites for the submission. You can even write articles of all sorts for websites. If your english skills are very good then you could consider formal writing for professional websites and journals.

Sell your service
If there is a professional skill that you possess, you can sell it at Fiverr. It is a website where you provide services for 5 Dollars. People are providing all kind of crazy services on this website so you can join the club if you are working from home. You could for example, give advice to moms about working from home for 5 Dollars or sell recipes at 5 Dollars each.

Buy and Sell Domain Names
There are some popular keywords on the web which are likely to become domain names. If you have the knack of guessing what the names could be, you could buy a domain and then sell it when someone needs it. It is a slow and risky process that involves luck but you can earn well if you want to make money online from home through it.

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