Not all online prospects to make money online from internet are authentic. Some are cons and illegal but there are still many legal and lucrative opportunities available. All it requires is a fast internet connection, a personal computer, telephone and a person who wants to work. Almost all kind of skills are in demand when someone is willing to work online. The best part about online jobs is flexible hours that you can adjust according to your schedule. You won’t have to miss a brunch invitation on Mondays if you work online!

Below are a few quick ways to make money online and they are all legit.

Flip Domains

Sometimes certain keywords are gaining popularity and you know that sooner or later, some website will want to have a domain name with that keyword. Someone bought a domain with the name CPC and when a pharma company decided to go online, it bought the domain name for $200,000. There is a lot of luck involved though but if you can read the signs; Bingo!

Online Surveys

You can also do online surveys where you are paid for the opinion that you give on a certain thing.


You can convert audio material into written content through transcription. This is generally low paying but in much demand because of users with hearing impairment. It is also a fast means of earning online.

Affiliate Marketing

You can market someone else’s product or service on your blog, page or website through ads, banner ads or links displayed in videos. This can also be done without a website provided you have the skills to do so.You can upload videos to YouTube with the target link being shown in the video. This is a means to drive traffic through another website. The more people visit these websites, the more you can earn.

Online Content Creation: Music

You can create your own music and sell it without any marketeers in the middle. This will increase the margin that you can earn upon selling each track or album.

Online Content Creation: freelance designer

You can create an online portfolio and let people know of your skills. Though developing a business of this kind takes time, there is a lot of margin as you don’t have to share the income with a design house or graphic design firm.

Online Content Creation: articles

Websites are always in need of good content. Initially your work will be around 200 to 300 words for a dollar or two but you can start to charge more once your skills develop. Also if you are a skilful writer, you might consider submitting articles to professional and formal publications if you want to make money online from internet.

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